Rally Dash Tripmaster BASIC navigation set


Navigation set suitable for smaller  rally’s.

Rally Dash 5 Tripmaster

Tripmaster and CAP repeater in one device. Works with wireless or wired wheel sensor and most GPS equipment.


Power Box

Power your Rally Dash, CAP Repeater and Roadbook easily!  Ideal for your plug and play navigation set.


Power Box power cable 1,10m Female

Apply power from your battery to the Power Box.


Tripmaster Remote

Control your tripmaster with the help of this steering mount ruggedized remote control


Wireless Sensor

Wheel Sensor that doesn't need a cable to go up to your Tripmaster.



Follow all roadbook instructions, distance and speed. The Rally Dash Tripmaster can also be used as a CAP repeater when switched to that mode with help of the easy to use menu.

This kit consists of:

  • Rally Dash Tripmaster
  • Wireless wheel sensor
  • Power Box
  • Power box power cable
  • Tripmaster remote

A mounting plate is not included. Use the mounting plate you prefer to install this navigation kit.

Some examples:

BEHEGO light

RBC Carbon incl. mounting

Rally XL Carbon